I believe everything happens for a reason.  In holding this belief, I’ve been led on many different paths, which ended up directing me towards a combination of coaching, body awareness, and energy healing.  

I received my BS in Psychology. I went into this field because I have always desired to help the world. When I graduated I saw the positive outcomes somewhat limited with efforts put forth by the system.  After refocusing my energy in new ways to make a positive impact, the universe led me to Reiki. Along this fulfilling journey of becoming a Reiki master and teacher, I also became attuned to a new technique of energy work which I’ve also been certified in as a master and teacher, Aquarian Fire.  This December I will also be receiving my certification for Yoga Teacher Training.

My purpose has found me in this life. Being a vessel and flowing assistance however it is needed to serve has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities and miracles of life.  Being of service for the well-being of others is my highest joy in this life.

As well as being attuned to energy work, I enjoy incorporating other modalities of healing for people such as essential oils, supplemental use, body awareness techniques, meditation, breath-work.

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Love the Little Things

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” A quote by Nikola Tesla. My mission is to help in raising all vibrations that desire elevation. Vibration is all around us and can be expressed through different frequencies felt through all of our senses. The energy around us, the colors that we see, the sounds that we hear, what we taste, what we we touch, and smell. Ever since before I graduated with my Psychology degree I have been searching for answers of why people do what the things they do. That answer is not always straightforward and at times we can struggle looking for it. In my journey I have found several different methods that have helped myself and others shift.
I came from a place of feeling defeated trying to figure out life. In college I studied addiction attempting to understand how it works within the human mind, within myself, and others around me. I was programmed into a cycle that didn’t feel real, and I was pretending to be happy. I made excuses for this perceived reality and abused alcohol, drugs, relationships, and anything else that would distract me from my feelings. I seemed to constantly struggle with alternating my addictive nature from one thing to another. Then the universe hurled me into life changes and I moved to the west coast. I moved to California to be a nanny and work with cannabis. Shortly after moving there I found out what life force energy was. I asked the universe what my path was. In turn I got a quick response back by meeting two holistic healers in an airport on a layover in Phoenix, Arizona. They had an electric spark about them that drew me in. I was invited to observe their lifestyle by going to Mount Shasta to celebrate bringing in abundance and the lunar eclipse. From that point on my entire life changed and I have been journeying on the path of enlightenment ever since.
Any one of the methods I use can help as much as the individual desires to shift. We are all in need of healing in this life. I enjoy using the healing frequencies of Psychology, Reiki, Aquarian Fire, sound, color, crystals, and essential oils. Anyone who is willing to experience a shift can benefit. Do not take my word for it. I would encourage you to look within and ask yourself if this is something that is right for you. Whatever path you choose I wish you to be blessed on your journey, Namaste.

Caitey Margavage


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